Dr. Syed Muhammad Zubair Masood 

Dr. Syed Muhammad Zubair Masood — Chairman 

Dr Zubair is the Founder & Chairman of IMCHF Canada. He is a Pediatrician & a humanitarian worker. He has worked in Haiti as Pediatrician & Project Manager and Laid the Foundation of one of the biggest Neonatal Unit in the Country. He has been involved in the development of hospitals and improvement of Health services in Haiti. He had also worked as Pediatrician and Senior Medical Officer with an ERU in a Field Hospital in Haiti after the Earthquake. Through his Leadership skill he will be able to develop and build momentum around an exciting vision & will be a leading player in the humanitarian sector.

Dr Syed Muneer Ali Shah

Dr Syed Muneer Ali Shah — Senior Vice Chairman and Director & Chief Operating Officer, Ontario Unit


Syed Muneer Ali Shah is a humanitarian, philanthropist and a healthcare professional. He has joined IMCHF in the capacity of Chief Operational Officer – Ontario Unit and is also a member of the Board of Directors & Vice Chairman of the organization.


Dr. Shah has been involved in various philanthropic activities including, establishment of free drug bank and mobile clinics for the poor and needy people of Pakistan. Further, given his interest in Lab Medicine, he has played a pivotal role in arranging blood donor camps providing free blood for non affordable patients hospitalized in government hospitals in Pakistan. 


Dr. Shah plays a key role in community services and he has been involved in social activities including, collecting and providing food and clothing to specialized vulnerable groups such as; old age senior citizens. He heads many charitable organizations to collect donation for supporting educational activities of poor children. Finally, he is helping new Canadian immigrants including, international medical doctors and other qualified professionals to get access to their own professional field. Through his qualification and skills he will be able to provide guidance and develop momentum around an exciting vision & will be a leading player in the humanitarian sector.


Dr Zia-UIHaq Choudhry

Dr Zia UlHaq Choudhry — Vice Chairman and Director Mental Health & Research

MBBS, MCS, MBA, MSc (Psychiatry), PG Cert. (Sleep Medicine).

Zia Choudhry is an active clinician, researcher, educator and administrator. He has been involved in International Maternal and Child Health Foundation (IMHF) since its inception and is also a member of the Board of Directors (Mental Health & Research). Since his early adulthood, Dr. Choudhry has been involved in different capacities with numerous philanthropy organizations including, Patient Aid foundation, Care and kindness society, and Alamghir welfare trust. Using his unique multifaceted expertise in clinical medicine, medical research, scientific training and health management, he will be able to develop and build momentum around the Mental health and research focus of IMCHF and will help in making this organization a leader in the humanitarian sector. 


Dr. Choudhry completed his medical studies from Sind Medical College and was awarded MBBS degree (MD equivalent) at the University of Karachi. Further, he received his postgraduate training in Family medicine at different key medical health care facilities including, the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center, Mumtaz Hospital, etc following which he received his General Physician registration RMP from Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. 


Zia Choudhry has worked as a Hospitalist and Family Physician focusing on Mental Health disorders at different major medical institutions. Additionally, his academic mindset and interest in research led him to work as a Pharmaceutical Physician (Medical Advisor and Clinical Trial Specialist) at Pfizer Labs.  Further, as a part of the Pfizer STAR program, he completed MCS and MBA degrees in Health Informatics and Management from SZABIST and AKU which have helped to polish his Management and administration skills. 


Dr. Choudhry moved to Canada in 2004, and was appointed as a Research Associate in the Molecular Genetics Laboratory at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute and McGill University. He has worked under the supervision of Drs Natalie Grizenko and Ridha Joober, and conducted research in studying the pharmaco-genetic basis of Attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and in identifying genes modulating behavioral traits relevant to ADHD. During this mandate, Dr. Choudhry has received an MSc degree in Psychiatry from McGill University, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Sleep Medicine from Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences. More recently, he has completed all requirements for a PhD degree in Psychiatry Genetics and is expected to graduate from McGill in 2013. 


Dr. Choudhry’s unique multifaceted expertise enables him to work as a clinician scientist developing a more precise pharmaco-genetic profile of ADHD that may ultimately lead to the earlier diagnosis and more effective treatment of this debilitating mental disease. He intends to identify a gene, or genetic segment, that may be involved in the etiology of ADHD or in modifying the disease phenotype with regard to outcome and/or therapeutic responsiveness.  


Being a dynamically articulate Family Physician and a Mental Health specialist with the opportunity to guide and inspire professionals in the field of Mental Health and Research within IMCHF is an exciting prospect for Dr. Choudhry. He believes that he could contribute to the growth and success of this avant-garde organization. His diverse educational background, skills, and international experience can play a pivotal role in furthering the mental health and research mandate of IMCHF.



Mr. Muhammad Azam Chuhan

Mr. Muhammad Azam Chuhan, OCT — Director Education

M.Phil. M.Sc. M.Ed. B.Ed.TESL Canada


Mr. Chuhan is one of the founding members of IMCHF. He is also a member of Board of Directors (Education). Mr Muhammad started his career as a teacher after completing his education from Quaid-e-Azam University and in 2000; he joined TIAC (Taxila Institute of Asian Civilization) as a research fellow. There, he got wonderful experience by arranging research projects and seminars, and organizing research meetings on national and international level. His association with PISOR (Pakistan Institute of Social Research) as a senior research associate in two research projects funded by Asian Develop Bank and National Council of Social Welfare also played an important role in developing his hidden skills. 


During his tenure as a research fellow, he had the distinction to visit different international universities to explore research opportunities for collaboration. In this regard he have had the honor to visit and discuss academic collaboration with Dr. M S. Joshi (Aligarh University, India), Dr. Gregory L. Posseshl (University of Penn, U.S.A), and Dr. Tanveer Alvi (Delhi University, India). Meeting, discussing, working and collaborating with such research icons helped his personal and vocational development and gave him a modern vision with regards to research. His academic collaboration with Research Professor, Ann Jiayao, Institute of Archeology; Chinese academy of Research resulted in an international research seminar on “Taxila Civilization” in Islamabad, Pakistan in 2001.


Being a well-rounded educator, the opportunity to guide and inspire in the field of education within this organization is an exciting prospect for Mr. Chuhan. He believes that he could contribute to the growth and success of this esteemed organization (IMCHF).  His international experience, diverse educational background and skills can play a vital role in the education sector. He has had the opportunity to teach and evaluate a diverse group of students at Canada College, Douglas Mental University Institute, and J.M.C.


Mr. Aqib Yousaf

Mr. Aqib Yousaf — Director Technology

MS(CS) Canada, MSc (CS) Pakistan, BSc (CS) Pakistan


Mr. Aqib is one of the founding members of IMCHF. He is also a member of Board of Directors (Technology). Mr. Aqib had begun to show an interest in computer programming at a very early age and started his professional career after completing his formal education in computer sciences. He has been associated with several well reputed software organizations; he has also been involved in many software development and automation projects in different sectors e.g. Aerospace, Business Process to health and education. His experience and expertise, in process automation and infatuate development, has brought drastic changes in his profession as an IT specialist.


He has devoted a part of his life for humanitarian work in the areas of health and education, Mr. Aqib has joined IMCHF with a mission to share his knowledge and professionalism , to help people to improve their lives by learning in remote areas where no infrastructure exits, no professionals are available but interactive computer software can be used for awareness and education.


Mrs. Fouzia

Mrs. Fouzia — Directress

Mrs.  Fouzia is one of the founding members & Member Board of Directors  of  the Organization. She has brought great motivation  among Women. She has decided to dedicate her whole life for IMCHF.


Dr. Md Abdus Salam

Dr. Md Abdus Salam — Director Public Relation 

Dr. Md Abdus Salam is a highly accomplished and versatile professional with over 30 years of experience in school administration, teaching, research, planning, programming, and evaluation of educational programs within various schools in Nunavut and Ontario. Complemented by nine years of experience working as a principal at Inuujaq School with extensive experience in classroom management, differentiated instruction, assessment & evaluation, and instructional strategies. He has a strong leadership acumen and is the recipient of Canada’s Outstanding Principal award in 2016. Dr. Salam worked as a Teacher and Principal at Inuujaq School from 2007 to 2019.


He received his M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Patrice Lumumba People’s Friendship University (now Russian University of People’s Friendship) in 1980. After completion of his education in Moscow, Russia he traveled Europe to complete his higher education. Dr. Salam completed his Master of Industrial Location and Development in 1984 and Ph.D. in Applied Sciences in 1987 from Vrije Universiteit Brussel.


After serving as a Research Assistant Professor at BUET he joined Siemens Bangladesh Ltd., a multinational German company in 1990 and worked there as a General Manager/Director for thirteen years. While working in Siemens he had the opportunity to travel to various countries of the world including China, USA, Australia, Europe and most of the South East Asian countries. During his stay with Siemens, he had innumerable trainings and certificates, including a prestigious Siemens Advanced Management Program (S3) Certification awarded by Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, USA and University of Monash, Mt Elisa, Melbourne, Australia


In 2002, he migrated to Canada and joined University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) in 2004 to complete his B.Ed. Since then, he changed his profession to teaching. He successfully completed the executive leadership program for Canada’s Outstanding Principals from Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto (February 2016). He achieved both Nunavut and Ontario Principals Qualification Programs. He is participating in multiple charities as a donor.



Miss. Mahnnor

Miss. Mahnoor — Youth Ambassador 

Mahnnor Kausar is studying at JMC (high school in Montreal) in Sec 3. She is the first youth ambassador who worked as an Adolescent with IMCH from day first in different activities whether it’s power point  preparation for inauguration ceremony or work as volunteer in her school to perform different social activities to bring student communities  closer for the benefit of IMCH .  Her speech played a positive role in motivating the other youth commuinity during our fundraising dinner in Toronto. AS IMCHF is a newly established non-profit organization, so there are lots of challenges to run this organization. As she is very innovative and creative, so by using her talent and leadership qualities, with the collaboration of school administration and her peers,  Mahnoor created a place to sell chocolate for IMCH at JMC school. Madam Emane , vice-principal at JMC, played an important role in this regard.  Madam Emane’s services are appreciated by the chairman and board of directors of IMCHF. 


Furthermore, Mahnoor presented a wonderful idea to introduce, An Adolescent Ambassador (AAA), program to empower our youth for better future of our coming generations. She further said that youth could play a vital role in any organization as agents of change and IMCHF also needs to get benefit of their abilities to keep them on track.



Tehmeena is an accomplished student at McGill University, pursuing a joint honours degree in the hopes of entering the public policy field. Her interests lie in serving the community by being involved in grassroots and international efforts to advocate for women's rights and medical access issues in Canada and Pakistan through IMCHF. Tehmeena  is a well-known social worker and humanitarian philanthropist in Pakistani community.  

Her interest in the area has pushed her to work alongside IMCHF to research the impact of international health policy initiatives. As a result, she works to see how organizations, such as IMHF, successfully attempt to fill the void that government policies leave in addressing the needs of citizens. As a co-president of the Youth Chapter, Tehmeena travelled with IMCHF to Pakistan to act as an intermediary between the Hindko population, where she excelled at petitioning for the needs of the local community.  

Besides international work, Tehmeena has helped further IMCHF's local initiatives, such as the Youth Chapter, where she acted as Youth Ambassador. In doing so, Tehmeena has demonstrated that the community's interests are at the heart of what she does






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