International Maternal & Child Health Foundation Canada (IMCHF)


Thanks to your generosity, IMCHF can pursue its mission of helping Maternal & Child by offering them fully trained Doctors and medical facilities, at no cost for them, while pursuing its research and development in order to help an increasing number of persons. Thank you for helping us see a better future !


    Name of Bank: Canada Trust,

Branch Address: Ste Rose, 727 Cure Labelle Blvd, Ste Rose, PQ, CAN. H7I5R7.

                                             Account Title : International Maternal And Child


    Donations : Account No : 4332-5004389  Transit No: 43321   Inst. No : 004  

    Zakat :          Account No : 4332-5010079  Transit No: 43321   Inst. No : 004 



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May 2, 2012

IMCHF Canada relies on your financial support to fund its important programs around the world. You can support IMCHF Canada by one-time or continuing donations or planned gifts

May 7, 2012

Islamic Relief Canada has committed to donate medicines.

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