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The basic school system (primary schools) plays a vital role in the lives of new learners, especially to children’s long-term didactic success. Most of the children face and carry the difficulties of their home lives into the classroom, where they intervene on a learner’s ability to learn and flourish. Most of the problems such as poverty, health, and ignorance stop our children from attending schools regularly.


As poverty is one of the major risk factors for children belong to poor families because mothers living in those remote areas are mostly uneducated. Their preferences are to manage their daily expenses.


IMCHF decided to participate in this noble cause. In March, 2013, a school was started for those who were never in school before, belong to poor families, and living in remote areas. About 50 students were admitted from different areas. The chairman of IMCHF, Dr. Zubair Masood, personally visited different  areas to find-out the needy families. He struggled day and night to start this project. Because of Dr. Zubair’s struggle, a day came when IMCH started a model shool. Noor-ul’Ilm, in Karachi. We have around 50 students, three teachers and other administrative staff. IMCHF also decided to give a free lunch during  lunch break. We are facing crucial financial difficulties to run this project. We need your help to sponsor a child. We can make a big change in the lives of needy and poor children by sponsoring them.  We can also save their future for coming generations.


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